Set of 4 Dryer Sachets


Set of 4 Lavender Dryer Sachets

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This is a set of 4 carefully made fragrant Lavender Dryer sachets which can be reused and recycled.  Lavender has been used many ways to keep the household fragrant and clean for many years.  Now they can be used with the modern dryers.  Using these natural sachets can give your laundry a clean fresh scent.  Each lavender dryer sachet is made with 100% muslin cotton and filled with over 1/2 cup of lavender and measures 4" x 4".  They can be used about 5-10 times each in your dryer.  

There are now waterproof brass safety pins on each sachet to help diminish static cling.  Using more than one at a time will increase the affect.
After the scent begins to fade you have many options to reuse your sachet.  

You can take out the exposed seam, put in new lavender and resew the seam closed.  
You can gently squeeze the sachet to release more oil.
You can put a few drops of pure lavender essential oil on the sachet to refresh the lavender scent when you use it again.  
For the end of the line with the sachet you can take out the exposed seam and scatter the lavender on your carpet for a fresh scent in your house when you vacuum! 

Wherever you find to use your Lavender Dryer Sachets know that they are natural with no artificial chemicals or scents!








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